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I want to Congratulate all the owners out there for opening so many new rooms over the past couple of months. It’s been a rollercoaster the past 2 years.

We are delighted to see that Escape Rooms across Australia took lockdown time to open new rooms.

It’s also great to see so many customers out doing escape rooms again and supporting such a wonderful industry. Thank you.

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Kingsdom Besieged

Camelot Castle lay in disarray, battle has ensued within the kingdom walls. Having made a bargain with the Viking invaders the tyrannical King has fled the castle. Now leaderless and under siege, Camelot and its people are desperate for someone to seize command, unite the kingdom and repel the ruthless barbarians.

As the time draws nigh, will Excalibur remain set in stone or, will the kingdom be saved?

Duration: 60 minutes

Success rate: 58%

Recommended players: 3 to 6

9-11 Cope Street, Redfern NSW 2016

You are a master burglar hired to steal a collection of rare and valuable medallions from an old collector. He seems like an easy target, friendly enough on first sight with no family outside of his two beloved dogs. As the days go by however, you start to notice his increasingly deranged behaviour and an unhealthy obsession for everything shiny. He is sick… He is a kleptomaniac and an obsessive hoarder… Your only mission is to steal medallions, but the big problem is that he never leaves his house, only to take his dogs to the vet for care. You have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to break into his apartment. The medallions are finally within your reach. However, the big question is, what are you willing to sacrifice for your freedom? Are you clever enough to outsmart the Mad Landlord, or will you leave empty handed?

PLAYERS : 2 – 8

2/119 Wicks Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Travel to the English Riviera to help Emma find her grandfather’s fortune.  The eccentric Major Gowen used to take his granddaughter to Torquay beach, he has set up a treasure hunt for her to find the gold bar.  The only clue you have is a photo of Major Gowen taken at the beachside location of Torquay.

2-5 players 60min room Difficulty 4/5

11e Mid Dural Road, Galston NSW 2159

Brief Description

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Let’s celebrate with a wild night out with friends before the big day.

Oh no. What happened last night?

Where are you?
Where is your phone?
Where is your wallet?
Where is the… ring?!

Age Restriction: 18 + (Please bring ID)

Clues: Unlimited

240 Church Street, Parramatta 2150 (Level 1)

You are detectives who are in planning to interrogate the notorious prisoner Hannibal Lector regarding his most recent murder. Upon arrival at Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, you are advised that Hannibal has escaped from his cell and somehow has his sights set on you! Will you unravel the mystery and escape his trap in time?

Difficulty: 4 / 5
Theme: mystery/thriller
Participants: 2 – 6
Recommended participants: 4 – 5

*Warning: mild graphic props (gore) and flashing lights. Puzzle might not be colour-blind friendly – bring a non-colour-blind friend
**Trigger warning – due to the nature of this theme, Hannibal room may not be suitable for persons with PTSD or similar conditions


PLAYERS: 2 – 7






Case: The Missing Professor

We’ve received an urgent plea for help from the family of world-renowned researcher and archeologist, Professor Robert Mortimer. He’s gone missing and nobody else seems willing to help track him down.

Anna Mortimer has given us access to Professor Mortimer’s travel agency on Main Street. She says he spent long hours there, but since COVID hit the agency has been shut down. Still, he would go there every day and potter in his private office.

We need you to get into Professor Mortimer’s office and find out what happened!

Difficulty 3/5

Players 2 – 6

Time 60 minutes

Rating PG

221B Baker St
A priceless artefact, a plot to steal it, a clue hidden somewhere at Baker St. Can you help solve the mystery and save Sherlock?

​A riddle/brain teaser based room.

Our most challenging room. Recommended for experienced players.

5/5 Difficulty

Ghost of the Leading Lady
The leading lady of a successful production collapses dead on opening night. The theatre has been closed ever since. There are stories of someone that still haunts the stage.. Could it be her?

​Great for those new to escape rooms.

Spooky themes

Difficulty – 3/5

Creepy Carnival
The carnival has sat abandoned for quite a few years. You and your friends decide to explore it one night, however you suddenly find yourself trapped. The clown is coming..

Our scariest room. Not for the faint of heart

​Difficulty – 4/5

They say only the true King can pull the sword from the stone. Can you pass the 5 trials and prove your worthiness of the throne? If you can claim the sword Excalibur within 1 hour, the Kingdom is yours.

​Difficulty – 4/5

Escape from Wonderland – Lockology – Warnambool Victoria

You and your friends have fallen down a rabbit hole and found yourself in wonderland and now must escape through the mind of Lewis Carroll.

Age Requirement 12+
Difficulty Medium
Duration 60 minutes
Group size 2-4
Escape Rate 70%

Heirloom – Escapade Puzzle Games – Ballarat Victoria

Welcome to Heirloom where you will find interesting artefacts and oddities. Antiques and relics of a bygone era. Choose the items that speak to your soul. Be careful though, you never know what kind of devil owned that item before you. Sometimes something evil can linger, dragging those unfortunate enough down to hell with them.

Follow the items that speak to your desire.

You will find what you seek.

Under 18 requires adult participation
Recommended for teams of 3-4

The DropBears hideout has been discovered in the ruins of an old castle, hidden deep in the tropical rain forest. Enter the castle, rescue Pops and save the world from the evil DropBears…

This game is wheelchair accessible but not every element of the game is.

At least 1 member of your team should be capable of kneeling down and crawling (for a short time) and some items/puzzles are high.

Address: 18/18 Racecourse Rd, Pakenham VIC 3810

WANTED – Dead or Alive

There is a bounty on your heads! For months, you and your band of outlaws pillaged the country towns of the North East. You robbed trains, banks, mines, making quite a name for yourselves. The Sargent plaster’s the area with notices: you are Wanted, Dead or Alive!!!

Time Frame: 60 minutes
Difficulty: Hard
Style: Mature Themes, Tight Spaces
Recommended Age Group: 10+
Recommended Attire: Warm Clothes

Address: 11 Gavan St, Bright VIC 3741

Pirate Island Escape Room Perth

A palm-fringed, powder-white sand beach stretching as far as the eye can see; the sound of waves crashing against a distant reef… it could be the perfect holiday… if only you weren’t trapped in Calico Jack’s treasure island cabin!

The air thick with the smell of spilled rum and gunpowder, through the barred window you can see on the horizon a ship approaching, one flying the Jolly Roger.

It’s Calico Jack! No doubt on his way back to the cabin for you!

Can you escape with the pirate captain’s treasure before his ship makes shore, or are you destined to forever be a prisoner in paradise?

PERFECT FOR: Families, Adults, Children, Teens, School Holidays Thrill Seekers, Johnny Depp Fans, Pirates, Tropical Island Holiday Lovers, Caribbean Sun Seekers, Intermediate Escapers

The sequel adventure escape room to Pirates Escape Room Perth

Difficulty 4 out of 5

Pirate Island Time Limit One Hour
60 Minutes


It’s been years since you and your team first had the idea to visit the ancient Maya city-state of Tikal, and now that you’re here it seems positively surreal. The temples, some of which tower more than two hundred feet above you, almost seem to be beckoning you within, but a mysterious cave catches the attention of your colleagues and becomes the site of your first expedition as the sun starts to go down. Barely seconds, however, after your crew make it through the cavernous entrance, an unexpected quake loosens boulders from overhead and they crash into place, blocking your exit! Now, it appears, the only way out… is through!

Great for first time escapees
Recommended for all ages
$10 per player deposit required when booking
1 adult required with players under 15

Capacity: 2-6 players
Duration: 1 hour
Escape Rate: Easy/Medium

Legend Of The Sword

The might sword has been entrapped in stone, can you prove your worth to obtain it?

After King Arthur fell at the battle of Camlann, England was thrust into a century of darkness. Excalibur was lost and the valiant Knights of the Round Table disbanded, their bonds of kinship forever broken.

In the darkness, Morgan Le Fey formed the Order of the Sword, searching the land for good and just knights, hoping to restore what was lost and bring England back to the light. She has brought you here, to King Arthur’s tower, in the ruins of Camelot to prove your worth. If you can make it through the tower and draw Excalibur from the stone, England’s glory will be restored!

But someone else lies in wait; a powerful sorcerer twisted by time and regret – Merlin! He has set formidable trials which you must overcome to complete your quest and prove yourselves worthy of lifting the mighty sword.

How many: 4-10
How long” 60 minutes
How old: U12s must be accompanied by an adult / 7+
Wheelchair access: Please call venue to discuss accessibility options
Difficulty level: Intermediate

The Occult Museum, privately owned by Ed and Lorraine Warren is being opened for public viewing for the first time. The famous paranormal investigators have accrued quite the collection of possessed artifacts and supernatural relics over the years. Being quite skeptical, you and your friends decide to take a visit to see what all the fuss is about; I mean after all it is just a museum…. isn’t it?

2-8 Players
60 mins
16 years
Difficulty: 6

The Room – Dr Q Escape Room – Melbourne

Enter The Room and be transported to a place where tactile exploration meets challenging puzzles and an unsolved mystery.
The sudden disappearance of an ambitious Theologian and his high-society wife provokes the hunt for a precious artefact: the book from God. The trail leads to the attic of their home, and the discovery of an old, peculiar dollhouse.
Explore unsettling locations, follow obscure clues and manipulate bizarre contraptions as you uncover the mysteries within the Manor.

Number of Players: 2-6 | Game Length: 90 Min | Game Level: SSSS
Age Limit: 12 Years
Game Price: $59/ppl
Number of participants: 2 – 6

Area 1: The Portal

2-6 Players

Recommended 4 players

Area 1’s research department has experienced a power surge through it’s reactor which has disabled our facility and our security.

To make matters worse, our lead engineer, Dr. Verdant, has vanished. What we need is group of expendable contractors to come in and sort out our mess.

N.B. We take no responsibility for any extradimensional disturbances that may occur.

115 Hyde Rd, Yeronga QLD 4104

Bank Heist – Red Lock Escape Rooms – Sunshine Coast

You and your crack team are about to attempt your biggest bank heist yet! Solve the hi-tech security system and escape with your share of $10 million!

Suitable for teams of 2 to 6 players, this is an escape room that you don’t want to miss!

Game Length: 60 minutes
Age guide: 10+
Difficulty Rating: medium
Location: Maroochydore

The Serial Killer – Padlock’d – Gold Coast

As your consciousness regains, confusion sets in, and looking around your worst fears are confirmed. The Serial Killer has trapped you in his cage. Suddenly you realise that your friend is missing! He must have already taken them to the kitchen. Find them fast before they become his next meal…

This room is for ages 15+ only. Live actors and jump cares.
2-6 Players
60 Minutes
Difficulty 4/5

Green and Mean
60 minute duration – fun vibe!

He’s green, mean and terribly unclean. We hear he’s sticking presents in his Dump it to Crumpit machine.

You have one hour to see if you can follow the tracks, check the size of his heart and get the presents back. Good luck!

2 – 8 Players

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“What people think you do in escape rooms…”
“…and what you actually do in escape rooms.”

The Adventure of the Heckled Band

There comes a time in every Games Master’s journey when they have to try and explain what is actually in an Escape Room to their family or friends.
How to describe the place they work and what a puzzle actually is, but not giving away too much so it can be a surprise for them should they actually come in and not be spoiled.
What you really need is just get them there, lock them up, and let them figure it out themselves.
I have just had my family come through and play the main room that I have been running.
My parents, my brother and his wife and their two daughters.
We all just survived Christmas together, so surely being locked in another room for an hour would be okay?

With a combined zero Escape Room experience, they took a little while to get into the swing of things, especially with some of the trickier early puzzles, but finished very strongly.
The important thing for me was to ignore the temptation to keep my family locked away forever and try keep it as professional as possible.
They needed a few hints, but also got a couple of heckles-as-hints (because brotherly banter knows no bounds).

There was time for unexpected moments of inspiration, expected moments of frustration, my mum to yell at me via the camera monitoring system, my dad to take a break on a comfy chair he found, and for mayhem and yelling over one another reminiscent of the mass card games we had played only a few days before.

As for the little ones, I had ‘trained’ them up by putting a combination lock on their Christmas presents the week before, but they enjoyed being allowed to tear the room apart looking for clues.
Everyone look: there’s a box here!, “I found a lock!”, or counting down “3, 2, 1, zero!” when the clock counted down to 58 minutes left.
One of them did get nervy towards the end of their hour, confiding to grandma (rookie error) that she was worried that when the clock did finally reach zero, I would jump out and scare them.

I didn’t have to, as they made it out with a minute to spare, to everyone’s surprise. The main question in the debrief was “were you just laughing at us the whole time?” – as if I don’t do that to them normally. But now they know what I do here, and while it was great to share it with them, I think I’m ready for hosting strangers again.

Morse Code

A true legend among codes, Morse may be both the most easily identifiable and easily disguisable codes around.
This system of dots and dashes – or dits and dahs depending on your outlook – remains one of the most reliable and well-known systems of encoding information.

Morse History Facts
Morse code has played an incredible role in shaping the world as we know it, even beyond coding.
Samuel Morse, having already revolutionised communications with the electric telegraph in the 1830s, gave all its users a simple yet efficient system to use for sending cables and telegrams first locally and then internationally. It helped solve crimes, send SOS calls, and win wars.
It did all this by simplifying words to a form that a user could transmit as electrical bumps over great distances with a little tippy tappy machine (Note: not its real name).

Short Morse Service
Here’s one to show your age (!). Some of us will remember our old mobile phones and the sole notification we had on these bricks: DIT-DIT-DIT. DAH-DAH. DIT-DIT-DIT. Our old favourite: SMS. (Don’t read it now, it’s probably spam).

Inspecting Morse
Old mate Samuel started us off with the most common English letters being those easiest to encode. E and T get the singular ones; J, Q, and other highscoring Scrabble friends get the four-part combinations. The quickest way to figure out how to code your message is an alphabetised key like this one:

For numbers, sets of five signals have amounts of dots moving across the sequence.

Morses For Courses
So how can we unpack a message once we’ve found it? Ideally, a Morse tree decoder is a bit quicker when it comes to decoding your dots and dashes, but the standard key as above will still get you what you need.

Room For One Morse
Your crafty Escape Room designers may have hidden a Morse code message under a layer of obfuscation just because they think you will have it too easy otherwise. It could be visual, or it could be audio.
Look for a pattern with only two pieces or symbols that are repeated in a variety of jumbles. If it’s a set of sounds or a flashing light sequence, you might need to replay it a few times, jotting it down urgently. If it’s graphic objects, scribbles or just a set of long and short words, you can relax a bit and take your time.

The Dine & Discover Vouchers have been extended to June 2022

GREAT NEWS is that everyone over 18 in NSW will be receiving another Discover voucher in December which you can redeem at your local escape room company.

  • Dubbo Escape Rooms
  • Elude Escape Rooms
  • Escape Hunt Sydney
  • Escape Rooms Albury
  • Escape Rooms Central Coast
  • Labyrinth Escape Rooms
  • Mission Escape
  • Narrow Escape Rooms
  • Next Level Escape
  • Parapark Sydney
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  • Scram Escape Rooms
  • Social Escape Rooms Sydney
  • The Cipher Room

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