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Welcome back to the next issue of Escape Rooms Australia.

We held out with this issue for the results from the TERPECA awards. A massive CONGRATULATIONS to THE CIPHER ROOM for being the FIRST company in Australia to make the TOP 100 Rooms world wide with LA REBELLION. Congratulations Marise and David you have put Australia on the map.

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Bellamy’s Booty


The dread pirate Captain Sam Bellamy has managed to obtain a booty unlike any ever seen by mortal men. But tonight, he and his men are ashore, celebrating their success and spending their ill-gotten gains.

Any enterprising pirate, such as yourself, could sneak aboard and get your hands on Bellamy’s Booty, if you’re quick enough!

Players: 3-8
Difficulty: 4/5
Suggested Ages: 15+

Duration: 60 Minutes

The Iron Kingdom


Within the largest continent of the world, known as the Seven Kingdoms, there exists seven noble families. In the heart of this Kingdom lies the Iron Throne, the main source of conflict between everybody in the land. Whoever sits on the Iron Throne rules the entire continent, a position desired by many, a position in which people will go to extreme lengths to hold.

News has quickly spread over the land suggesting that the new King is not the rightful heir to the throne. The discovery has caused an eruption throughout the Seven Kingdoms and a battle for the throne has broken out. You must find out who is the rightful heir to the throne. Who are you going to support? Which house are you going to fight for?

Disclaimer: This game contains smoke machines.

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: 3/5

Duration: 60 Minutes



After a series of bad investments, you and your family have fallen on hard times. Your last remaining asset is an abandoned house that nobody else wanted due to the mysterious disappearance of a mother and daughter there many years ago.

Rumour has it that occult forces were at play and neighbours have sworn that despite being abandoned, they have heard a young girl singing and seen shadows lurking inside. To keep your family from being destitute, you head to the house in a bid to recover the property deed before the banks take everything

Disclaimer: This game contains demonic and supernatural themes inspired by The Conjuring movie series that players may find unsettling. This game is age rated 16+.

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: 4/5

Duration: 60 Minutes



You have discovered an old board game in your attic and once opened you are engulfed by a vortex and transported into an alternative realm. After only seeing a glimpse of the terrible world inside you are thrown back into reality. Vowing never to approach the game again you attempt to leave but the door has been locked trapping you in. Glancing over to the game you see the words “The dice have been rolled.” You have no choice but to complete the game or be trapped inside the other realm for eternity. You only have sixty minutes to complete the game!

Disclaimer: This game contains a crawl space (an alternative route can be taken upon request).

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: 3/5

Duration: 60 Minutes

Legend of the Mummy


Legend has it that in the dark depths of the Ancient Pyramids lies a treasure which possesses unworldly secrets. A renowned Archaeology Professor had been assigned the dangerous task of retrieving the lost Egyptian treasure before anyone else. However, the Professor has gone missing and someone must continue their work. You and your team of Archaeologists have been selected to complete the mission. Do you have what it takes to steal the treasure from the Ancient Legends? Or will you face entrapment within the Pyramids for the rest of your lives?

Disclaimer: This game contains smoke machines and a crawl space (an alternative route can be taken upon request).

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: 5/5

Duration: 60 Minutes

Baker Street Mystery


Step back into Victorian London and use all of your Sherlock Holmes detective skills to decipher the clues and uncover the name of the murderous gang leader of the famous Baker Street Five before he skips the country.

This room has highly challenging puzzles, riddles, and clues. The game is afoot!

Players: 3-5
Difficulty: 5 out of 6
14 years and above – Younger players will need adult assistance.

We have found in testing that players under the age of 14 need more guidance. We hope to change up some of the puzzles in the near future. For now if we could make the following changes so that the customer is not misled.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Treasure Hunt


Fun for the whole family!

Players: Upto 5

Duration: 30 Minutes

Christmas Calamity


Christmas Calamity – Available for a limited time only! (From 9th November up until 1st January 2023).

Santa needs your help to save Christmas! He’s made his list and checked it twice, but one of the elves has misplaced the keys to the sleigh. Everyone is busy getting the final touches together for the Christmas Eve delivery run, so it will be up to you to find the keys so Santa can leave on time to deliver the presents.

Solve the festive puzzles and find extra Christmas presents along the way with goodies inside.

Minimum Players – 2
Maximum Players – 8

Duration: 60 Minutes

Abandoned Laboratory


Hidden in a secluded basement is an abandoned laboratory.
Your team has the chance to explore this facility and attempt to uncover the secrets it holds.
​What bizarre experiments were conducted here and why has no one ever spoken or written about it.
When you enter, the door closes and locks behind you. Warnings sound.
You have 60 minutes to escape or end up as another experiment.

Escape room with authentic atmosphere
No jump scares.
You will be guided by an experienced game master if you get stuck
Recommended age is 12yrs and above. ( groups 16yrs and younger require onsite adult supervision )

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Duration: 60 Minutes
Escape Hunt Sydney

Alice in Puzzleland


The Mad Hatter is in trouble. Save him from the Queen of Hearts without losing your heads.

Step into Wonderland, where the Hatter has been accused of stealing the Queen’s Tarts. With Alice nowhere to be seen, it’s time for you to fill her shoes.

You find yourself at the Hatter’s cottage. The table is set but no one is around.

A sign on the lawn reads ‘Tea Party Cancelled by Royal Decree’. Curiouser and curiouser…

Find and return the Queen’s Tarts in 60 minutes, or it’s off with the Hatter’s head. Chop chop.

This room is great for families or first time Escape Hunters. It’s a newer room with a higher amount of technology.

Book this room for up to 6 players at a time.

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: Level 1

Duration: 60 Minutes

The Outdoor Escapade “Stumped”

Elude Escape Rooms 5th Birthday

Sunday 13th November saw Elude Escape Rooms in Galston celebrate their 5th Birthday in style with an afternoon of puzzling and food. The event doubled as the launch of their newest offering: an Outdoor Escapade titled “Stumped”.

Family and friends were joined by escape room enthusiasts as Elude unveiled the latest project. A collection of hands-on and physical puzzles, “Stumped” is unique and the first experience of its kind in Sydney. 

Despite a threatening weather forecast, approximately 170 people joined owners of Elude, Darren and Julia, as they hosted their loyal customers for one big party. On an afternoon stroll about the grounds, guests played and solved the handmade puzzles that Elude is now famous for.

Guests enjoyed coffee from Sunrise Mobile Cafe, burgers from Jimmy’s Smash Burgers and ice cream from Windsor Ice Cream Cafe. 

The Outdoor Escapade “Stumped” is a bit different to the typical Escape Room, taking players from the grand indoors into the great outdoors.

Whilst most players will be content to grab their team and play for fun, Stumped has the distinct advantage of allowing two or more teams to go head-to-head for a more competitive challenge. 

With capacity for 8 teams playing at the same time, Stumped is ideal for large groups who want a team based challenge. It’s great for big gatherings, be it for sports clubs, school classes, corporate team building, and church or social groups. 



Small coffin space. Very Claustrophobic!! Coffin size: 2200mm length. 800mm width. 600mm height. 2 Players Only. 45 minute game, only $35 per person! Difficulty 5/5. Not for the faint hearted.

You’ve always looked out for number one.. sometimes at the expense of others. It has not gone unnoticed by him and he wants to test you! Alone and in the dark… you feel around. A box? No… a coffin. You hear muffled shouts for help next to you, you are not alone! Working together must be the only way to escape being…Buried Alive!

Players: 2
Difficulty: 5/5

Duration: 45 Minutes

The Naughty List


You and your friends have got wind that you are on Santa’s naughty list, This doesn’t seem fair, mum’s vase was too close to the edge it was a complete accident, Indoor cricket is a thing nowadays… In any case, we are going to fix it Dammit, I have a ps5 coming this year! We’re going to sneak in and remove our names!

This room will certainly be put on Santa’s naughty list.
Not suitable for people with severe anxiety toward elves.

Generation 3 Game Up to 6 People can participate

All participants must be 16 years or older, or age 8 or older
and accompanied by a parent or guardian older than 16

We are working to be the Covid safe.

Disinfecting the rooms and items in the said room between each and every game.

Game adjustments to remove high-touch elements to reduce spread.

Time is allocated so that only one booking can be in the foyer at any time.

Team members will be social distancing.

Hand sanitizer on the way out and in.

Customize your experience

If your a parent or a friend wanting to gift someone a small size gift our Christmas room can provide storage in the final puzzle to surprise them.
We offer a limited size were you can store presents for friends or family.
To organize this please call us on 0477 070 919
Players: 4-6
Escape Rate: 85%
Difficulty: 6.5/10

Duration: 40 Minutes



Murder mystery parties originated in England as a game in which you act as a detective to solve a crime case. It’s more about reasoning than it is about unlocking. Players in the game will find evidence, looking for clues and murder weapon in the real-life scenea.And then go back to the table for “brain storm”, player try restore the story in the murder, the motivation of each character, and finally vote out the real killer from the suspect!

Players: 4-6
Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Duration: 60 Minutes



A nurse at Rockwell Asylum recently contacted us about an unusual case; a ‘Jane Doe’ patient who cannot speak or communicate in any way. They seem trapped within their own mind. Using an experimental drug, you can meld with this patient’s mind for one hour. Your mission is to find out who they are, help reconnect their memories, and discover how they ended up here.

Players: 2-6
Difficulty 5/5

Duration: 60 Minutes
Escape Squad

The Nuclear Express


Can you prevent the biggest nuclear disaster in Australian history?

​The maiden voyage of the world’s first nuclear powered bullet train has been sabotaged and now The Nuclear Express is hurtling uncontrollably towards Sydney. The only thing that can prevent the train from crashing full speed is you.

​You didn’t sign up for this when you purchased your train ticket but you must choose – stop the train or be at the centre of a nuclear explosion.

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: Hard

Duration: 60 Minutes

The 5th Asylum – Murder Mystery


A classic murder mystery game. Immerse yourself in the Fifth Asylum…
There is a killer among you.
Seven suspects, countless possibilities, but only one answer.
Uncover the truth while exposing the lies.
In a battle of wits, you must cooperate to discover the murderer.
Every room will give you a clue. Every question will give you an answer. When you think you know who did the dastardly deed, it will be time to make your decision. Crack the case and solve the mystery in this hospital!

Number of Players: 6-7
Age Limit: 14 Years
Game Price: $59/ppl

The Fifth Asylum is an interactive murder mystery game where players will investigate their surroundings, look for clues, question suspects, and solve the case while trying not to become the prime suspect themselves.
Enjoy the thrilling storyline at our location in South Yarra, Melbourne, which has been transformed into the Fifth Asylum. Players can explore each room, while searching for clues and evidence to help solve the mystery.

Duration: 160 Minutes

The Cure


The new Locertic virus has hit the community hard. The research team at the Carbine Hospital believes they have found a cure. Unfortunately, it can’t be released to the public until it goes through rigorous TGA testing. With one of your team infected, you must try and get into the lab and find the cure before time runs out.

The Cure is a medical thriller that will leave your heart racing as you desperately try to save a life! Challenging for groups of all ages and experience!

Group Size: 3-6 players
Perfect For: inquisitive minds, challenge seekers

Duration: 60 Minutes

Congratulations to all those who were even nominated, it is certainly an honour to be nominated with a huge CONGRATULATIONS to The Cipher Room for making the top 100 in the final round.


Mission Metropol – Mindshift Escape Rooms (Adelaide, Australia) (1) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
Sherlocked – Quest Room (Australia) (Brisbane, Australia) (2) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
Curio – Escape Rooms Canberra (Canberra, Australia) (3) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
The Vault – Escape Rooms Canberra (Canberra, Australia) (1) ☀️🇬🇧
The Dungeon – Riddle Room (Australia) (Canberra, Australia) (1) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
The Hotel – Riddle Room (Australia) (Canberra, Australia) (7) 🔦🇬🇧
Perpetual Motion – Elude Escape Rooms (Galston, Australia) (1) ☀️🇬🇧
Mayhem Manor – Containaphobia (Geelong, Australia) (2) 🔦🇬🇧
The Haunted House of Horror – Escape or Die (Melbourne, Australia) (3) 🔦🇬🇧
Extraction – The Curium Experience (Melbourne, Australia) (1) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
The Crumbling Prince – Ukiyo (Melbourne, Australia) (4) ☀️🇬🇧
Nova: Mission to Mars – Locked In Escape Rooms (Australia) (Mornington, Australia) (2) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
The Doll House – Scram Escape Rooms (Parramatta, Australia) (1) 😱🇬🇧
Underland – Scram Escape Rooms (Parramatta, Australia) (1) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
The Inheritance – Narrow Escape Rooms (Penrith, Australia) (5) ☀️🇬🇧
The Magic Moonstone – Eclipse Escape Rooms (Surfers Paradise, Australia) (1) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
Torquay – Elude Escape Rooms (Sydney, Australia) (2) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
The Forgotten Son – Expedition Escape Rooms (Australia) (Sydney, Australia) (1) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
Mexican Cartel – Labyrinth Escape Rooms (Australia) (Sydney, Australia) (1) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
The Sacrifice – Mission Sydney (Sydney, Australia) (1) 🆕😱🇬🇧
Unstoppable – Mission Sydney (Sydney, Australia) (6) ☀️🇬🇧
Ex Libris – Next Level Escape (Australia) (Sydney, Australia) (9) ☀️🇬🇧
The Artefact – Next Level Escape (Australia) (Sydney, Australia) (2) ☀️🇬🇧
The Game – Next Level Escape (Australia) (Sydney, Australia) (8) ☀️🇬🇧
The Show Must Go On – Next Level Escape (Australia) (Sydney, Australia) (1) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
Bank Heist – Social Escape Rooms Sydney (Sydney, Australia) (3) ☀️🇬🇧
Ransom – Social Escape Rooms Sydney (Sydney, Australia) (3) ☀️🇬🇧
Espionage – The Cipher Room (Sydney, Australia) (1) ☀️🇬🇧
La Rébellion – The Cipher Room (Sydney, Australia) (8) 🆕☀️🇬🇧
Mr Pepper’s Toy Shop – The Cipher Room (Sydney, Australia) (7) 😱🇬🇧
The Cabin – The Cipher Room (Sydney, Australia) (3) 🆕🔦🇬🇧
The Marlowe Hotel – The Cipher Room (Sydney, Australia) (9) ☀️🇬🇧

Click Image for Answer

Congratulations to our winners.

Wan & Michelle

Check your emails for your prize details.

Adventures of the Silver Screen

A brief interlude from our usual GamesMaster journal entries; this time I want to share with you some Escape Room history in video form.
There are many shows that have contributed to the history of big puzzles, and I’ve collated some clips for you here.
All of these programs have been influences on fellow Escape Room designers at some point, growing a love of large scale fun, tactile design, and the entertainment of watching others struggle against a clock.

Fort Boyard

Riddles, Overacting, and a brilliant location. With its original coming from France, the much-exported show had a big focus on lots of physical puzzles (think Ninja Warrior-style obstacles) before cracking a final code.
Here’s a big version of a familiar puzzle:

The Adventure Game

More detail in the puzzles, less detail in the resolution. Going a bit further back for this one, The Adventure Game had a quirky setup for some great room-based puzzling more familiar to Escape Room players.
This clip has the hosts showing how the ‘room’ gets solved, but skip ahead to 13:44 if you want to try and solve along with the players.

Crystal Maze

The big one really. The original (and now the revamped edition) have paved the way for Escape Rooms in the UK, with individuals puzzling away from their strengths to help or hinder a team before combining for a last group challenge all testing dexterity and problem solving abilities.
My carefully selected clip contains all the great elements: a condescending host; practical application of mathematics; a player being told they should have used the bathroom earlier; and Richard Ayoade & Joe Wilkinson.
Crystal Maze: Joe Wilkinson’s Arithmetic Nightmare


Here’s one a bit closer to home for all my fellow ’90s kids. I have fond memories of watching the kids from randoms schools I’ve never heard of struggle through the timed maze looking for the pieces that were obvious to everyone except them. (Sounds a lot like being a gamesmaster?)
A lot of searching under pressure. A dabble of pattern recognition. A prize of a Game Boy Colour for the winners.
(skip along to 24:29 after this bit for more amazing maziness) Amazing – Hosted By James Sherry 1996


In between all the elimination drama, physical feats, and endurance against the elements, Survivor has a well-earned reputation as a fount of big scale puzzles to challenge the mind. Optional difficulty increase: heatstroke and starvation.
This clip shows a few of the most fiendish puzzles from the show so far. Fancy the Instant Insanity cubes in your next Escape Room? Top 5 Most Difficult Puzzle Challenges in Survivor

Taskmaster: New Zealand

Taskmaster has spread across the world, and while I’m apprehensive about how well our version will go, New Zealand absolutely crushed their version. The show [said by me to be the greatest live program in existence] has a bunch of assigned tasks to individuals that often require creative responses and thinking outside the box, but sometimes you just need to escape the box physically.
One incredible task here saw the contestants racing to … eat a grape. Amazing viewing, and time to convert my caravan into an Escape Room! (Strong language warning!)

So, that’s my collection. Got a TV show you were influenced by? Let me know at era@eludegames.com.au

Bacon Code

Our next project is the Bacon Code. It’s an older code, but it definitely still checks out.

This episode’s man with the plan is philosopher, statesman and “father of empiricism”, Sir Francis Bacon. While most of our ciphers and codes (Morse, Pigpen, etc) are fairly secure, they are pretty obvious as being secret messages. Steganography seeks to hide the fact that a coded message exists, and our mate Bacon used a concealment method known as a ‘semagram’, a message hidden in an openly visible and non-jibberish-looking piece of writing.

OINK oink

At its core, the Bacon code just needs two modes: let’s call them “a” and “b”. It’s not too far off binary notation (see: a future ERA edition), but for now, let’s consider that aaaaa is our first entry, and therefore equals the letter A. Next, aaaab gives us our following letter, B.

Note that in Bacon’s original key, “I” and “J” were interchangeable, as were “U” and “V”. When you make your own key for reference, make sure it reflects what is missed out or combined (like the above image) or otherwise (don’t expect your players to guess this!). You could even add in further A/B combinations of your own for punctuation.

Fakin’ Bacon

This cipher is all about presentation – how it looks – rather than the content – what it says. So have a look at this next passage; the different mode, or typeface is a simple underlining of letters.

An important element Sir Francis brought to us was the popularising of segmenting a message in character groups that would hide the intended message in a different set. With a seemingly innocent piece of writing like the above, splitting it up to find groups of five letters would indicate the sets of five ‘a’ or ‘b’ combinations per block.

Identifying what makes “A” different from “B” in these blocks gives us our AAAAA etc, and from there we can use our key to find the secret message.

Presenting Bacon

There are a few ways to note our B as different from our A. Having a different colour or font, an underline, upper versus lower case, a strategically placed dot or dash, italicising or bolding and many other possibilities make for our ‘substitution’ to find. Just remember to keep your text to multiples of five for deciphering (use a thesaurus!) or, have your surplus text marked in a way that has no deciphered equivalent (e.g. BBBBB).

Bacon Alternatives

As we only need two “modes” to make Bacon happen (our “A” and “B”), there exists a huge amount of ways this can be incorporated into an Escape Room, hidden messages between friends, or your backyard scheming. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Playing Cards

We’ve got red cards. We’ve got black cards. Stack them in the desired order and bam! Code time. (Just make sure your intended recipient knows to expect Bacon instead of looking at suits/faces, and isn’t prone to a good bit of shuffling)

Books and Newspapers

An easy one to hand off longer messages to your accomplice. Make your notations and pass it along. Suspicious looking handover at the park optional. (Remember: we don’t count spaces or punctuation marks)

AlTeRnAtInG cApS

The internet’s own mockery messaging is a modern way to use Bacon’s method. Just be a bit more intentional with the letters you capitalise.

Two things: have your key to decoding (in your blocks of five), and then have fun with disguising the message!
Let us know what tricky hiding place you’ve made! era@eludegames.com.au

Create an Escape Room Meme using the picture below.

Screen shot the image, add your text and email to us at era@eludegames.com.au

Win a prize if we publish your Meme.

Reindeer Blocks