Jan 24

Well 2023 was a bumper year of Escape Rooms for us, we travelled to UK, Ireland, Budapest and Vienna squeezing in 100 rooms on our 6 week trip (only 4 weeks doing escape rooms). We had an amazing time, did some fabulous rooms and met some wonderful owners and now life long friends.

We used the TERPECA list as our wishlist of rooms and squeezed as many as from the nominated list as we could, we also did some sightseeing and visiting family and friends as well it wasn’t all “work”.

We have had lots of customers come out to play Stumped – Elude’s Outdoor Escapade, so much so we also launched this year Busy Bees just for kids.

We look forward to introducing lots of new customers to Escape Rooms this year and wish you all the other owners every success this year.

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The wizarding world is in peril, and only you can help! Dark forces are on their way to your wizarding school, and it’s up to you to stop them.

To defeat them, you’ll need your trusty broom, and it’s unfortunately been locked in the school’s highest tower.

In order to find your broom, you’ll have to sneak into the school unnoticed, escape the potion master’s dungeon and overcome all the tricks of the headmaster’s study.

But hurry up – dawn is only an hour away, and the forces of darkness will be here by daybreak!

Players: Max 6 people
Difficulty: 4 out of 5
Escape rate: 40%
Suggested Ages: Not specified. PaniQ Room is fun for Corporates, Friends, Families and Travelers!

Duration: 60 Minutes

Jail Break

It was just a little mishap, but you have landed yourself in the local holding cell for processing. Can you escape before the Warden knows who you are? Those before you have left clues on how to escape.

Look and listen carefully. Hurry leave no one behind! 

*There are smaller spaces in this room.

Players: 2-8 people
Difficulty: 8/10
Suggested Ages: Not recommeded for small children. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 12.

Duration: 60 Minutes
Cubic Escape Room


Unlock the mysteries of the mind with “Memento,” an immersive escape room adventure where you delve into the memories and emotions of others. In a journey where every memory unlocks a piece of the puzzle, you will navigate through emotional landscapes, uncovering stories left unspoken, and secrets kept in the recesses of the mind.

Embark on a cerebral exploration with “Memento” – where memories are the key, and emotions pave the way to discovery. Your mind-bending journey starts here.

Space: 32m2


-Padlock-Free Design;

-A Story to Touch the Soul;

-Friendly for Beginners;

All-Occasion Adventure; Ideal for all group types – friends, family, partners, or colleagues

Enjoy a storytelling adventure at a relaxed pace in this room. There’s no time pressure, no limit on clues, and no records will be taken in this room.

This is not a horror room. But mechanical effects may produce light effects and sudden noises, potentially resulting in unexpected scares. Our staff is happy to provide precautions if this is a concern of you.

Players: 2-6 people (recommended: 4-5)
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggested Ages: Suitable for ages 8 and above. Players under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Duration: 70 Minutes

Busy Bees Outdoor Escapade

This is a puzzle adventure for children. Not only is it fun but also educational.

We provide everything no additional items are required to complete the puzzle adventure.

Recommended for children from 8 – 12 years of age. 1 Adult supervisor in play area at all times.

This is an outdoor activity which is exposed to the elements.

There is a 5 min briefing and the activity should take approx 45 minutes depending on experience and age.

Wear flat closed-in shoes as you are walking around a rural property area solving puzzles along your escapade.

We recommend no more than 4 players around a puzzle at a time, we therefore will split your group into smaller teams for large bookings. At least 1 adult is required to supervise, however we do not charge for the supervisors.

This activity is only run during the day due to lighting after sunset.

We have picnic tables for the parents to sit and relax whilst supervising the children.

If you want to book as a Childrens’ Birthday party, we suggest booking the Butterfly Booth for the same time as your Busy Bees session. This will secure use of the marquee whilst the children are playing the game and have a dedicated space for your celebrations.

Duration: 45 Minutes

The Sorcerer’s Secret

In the Wizarding World there are rumours of three magical artefacts that can give immense power to the possessor. You get word that some wizards, suspected of being supporters of dark magic, are going in search of the artefacts tonight.

You have one hour to secure the artefacts before the dark wizards begin their search!

We offer a duplicate of The Sorcerer’s Secrets. Book both sessions within the same hour to compete head to head against your family and friends.

Magic and Wizardry Theme
Family Friendly
Players: 2-8
Suggested Ages: Best suited for ages 10+ (though you can book for younger children).

Duration: 60 Minutes

Paradise Prison

Staring through the bars in your cell you wonder where it all went wrong. From the silence you hear “Pssst…psst, I’ve been hired to help you escape!” Can you trust the guard to help? Or will you spend the rest of your days locked away in Paradise Prison? 

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggested Ages: Not specified. Family Friendly. 0 Scare Factor.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Tipsy Whispers: A Murder Mystery

A multiple murder has taken place at New York’s infamous speakeasy, The Tipsy Whispers. This speakeasy is owned by the notorious Bonetti Family and they have hired you to solve the multiple murder mystery before the cops do!

Accessibility: Fully Wheelchair Friendly

Room Type: Mix of Tech and Locks Murder Mystery.

Note: Tipsy Whispers is a similar style game to our previous Mob Job murder mystery, however with updated décor, improved puzzles, added tech and a new list of suspects and evidence. You may find some similar elements, however Mob Job players are encouraged to play this new murder mystery.

Players: 2-4
Difficulty: 5/5
Suggested Ages: 12 to 99+

Duration: 60 Minutes


Getting up to ‘no good’ as usual, your curious collective decide to take a visit to the old abandoned orphanage because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Variations of the tales told through the years formed your belief that this ‘local legend’ was designed purely to deter visitors.

A Director who one day simply stopped visiting town, dreams of townsfolk invaded, the sounds of children at play in the woods…hogwash!

You expect nothing more than a dark, dilapidated dwelling and make your entrance together only to discover that once inside… It’s not so dark…you feel compelled to stay…and play…

Difficulty – Hard (5/5)
Players – 2-5

WARNING: Contains terror and scare elements, supernatural themes and is unsuitable for families and young Questers.

This experience may be unsuitable if you are concerned about:
– Terror, horror or supernatural themes
– Loud noises, use of sound or lighting effects
– Mobility at low levels (i.e. getting to floor and back up)
– Anxiety-inducing scary scenarios or claustrophobia

Duration: 60 Minutes


Simon had always been drawn to the serenity of his family’s farm with his grandfather, however, there was one persistent nightmare that plagued his sleep, night after night.
In the dream, Simon found himself standing before the cabin’s weathered door, bathed in an eerie moonlight. He would reach for the handle, only to find it locked, trapping him outside in the cold darkness. As he pounded on the door, pleading for entry, he could hear a faint, haunting whisper from within, echoing the name “Simon.” The nightmare was always the same, yet its grip on his mind was relentless.

Players: 2-6
Suggested Ages: 14 Years
Game Price: $59/ppl
10% surcharge on weekends and public holidays

Duration: 75 Minutes

The Orphanage

Welcome to Heavens Step!

Hidden behind a seemingly ordinary façade lies Heaven’s Step Orphanage. Founded by the devious pair, Father Freidrich and Mother Mercy, this establishment promises to turn naughty children into perfect ‘little angels.’

However, whispers tell of harsh punishments for minor wrongs, eerie rituals seeking the children’s souls, and unspeakable surgeries to transform them into literal angels. Now, their operation has expanded to include local children, leading to growing unease among the townsfolk.

You have been chosen by the townsfolk to Infiltrate Heaven’s Step, unravel its twisted history, and free the trapped children without detection. Can you thwart Father Freidrick and Mother Mercy’s malevolent plans, or will you, along with the innocent souls, face a fate worse than death?

Your mission starts now. The fate of the little angels rests in your hands.

Good luck!

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: 8/10 (Previous escape room experience recommended)
Suggested Ages: Not recommended for anyone under 15.

Duration: 60 Minutes


Your infamous pirate crew are on the hunt for a mythical treasure-filled island, only accessible every century.

But greed has got the better of you – you and your crewmates have staged a Mutiny! Without a captain to guide you, you’ll need to piece together the clues, find the treasure, and get off the island before the tide rolls out and you are Trapt!

Players: 2-8
Difficulty: Least challenging – perfect for beginners.
Suggested Ages: Must be 18 and above.

Duration: 50 Minutes

Aladdin & the Magic Vault

It’s up to you to get the lamp back and rescue the genie before it’s too late. But it won’t be easy, the lamp is being held in the infamous Magic Vault, secured with powerful spells that will take all your wits to break!

Having escaped from the Cave of Wonders with the lamp in hand all of Aladdin’s dreams came true.

That was until a Sorcerer Abenazar returns to take his revenge…

Having tricked Aladdin out of the lamp he whisks it away to a heavily guarded palace in the desert. Abenazar then uses its fearsome power to enrich himself and attack his enemies, bringing misery and destruction across Arabia.

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: Not Specified.
Suggested Ages: PG (10+). U16s must be accompanied by an adult.
Wheelchair access: No

Duration: 60 Minutes

Gold Rush

Back in the early days it was rumoured that the saloon owner discovered a massive nugget of gold, but tried to keep it a secret to protect his family. In mysterious circumstances he disappeared and his fortune was never found. Can you find this treasure that’s been hidden for over a century?

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: Medium
Suggested Ages: Previous Experience Recommended. Not recommended under ages 14.

Duration: 60 Minutes

The Abandoned Cabin

Some doors should never be opened…

This game contains some mild horror themes but don’t worry, there are no live actors or animals hidden in the game.

You find yourself enjoying a peaceful picnic in the woods, only to be caught off guard by a raging thunderstorm. Seeking refuge, you remember a peculiar old cabin you had passed earlier, seemingly abandoned and untouched for many years. Desperate for shelter, you sprint towards its weathered front porch with creaky floorboards and broken windows. Upon reaching the entrance, a chilling realisation dawns upon you – this place may not be completely abandoned after all!

Team Size Standard Format: 2 – 7 Players (we recommend 4 or more players)
Team Size Duel Format: 8 – 14 Players (groups will be split into two teams, i.e. 8 players will be 4 v 4 … 14 players will be 7 v 7, etc.).
Difficulty: 4/5
Suggested Ages: All players aged 5+ are the same price and must be included in the group size. Children under the age of 16 are more than welcome to participate in our games provided they have a paying, participating adult per team (2 adults per duel game). If no adult is present players may not be able to participate.

Duration: 60 Minutes


Test your wits… and your sanity! Head pounding, you come to in the pitch black of a padded cell. Suddenly, a crackling intercom breaks the silence with an ominous announcement: “Let the game begin.”

Players: 2-4 Players
Difficulty: 8/10
Suggested Ages: Strictly 18+

Duration: 60 Minutes

Mystery Box

Couldn’t get on Deal or No Deal? Ever wanted to be part of a gameshow? Well now you can! Presenting our new hit show, Mystery Box. A fast-paced game that requires your team to systematically eliminate all the puzzles the Mystery Box has to offer. A race against time to hopefully have a chance at opening the correct Mystery Box. There are nine boxes, did you choose the right one?

Players: 2-6 Players (can accommodate up to 8)
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggested Ages: Recommended for ages 8 and above. For groups aged under 16, adult supervision is required within the room.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Wild West: Roy’s Revenge

The notorious Pistoleers gang have taken over the town saloon by force, and it’s never been quite the same without Cowboy Roy behind the bar. There were rumours Roy kept gold in the saloon, but the Pistoleers haven’t been able to get to it yet. Can you find the gold while the Pistoleers are off at the rodeo?

Players: 2-7 Players
Suggested Ages: Minimum recommended age for participating is 16 years old.

Duration: 75 Minutes

The Lone Cabin

You and your friends have rented an old abandoned shack for the weekend, but there seems to be something… off about the place. When you find a book inside filled with evil incantations, things quickly get much worse.

Players: 2-6 Players
Scare Factor: 4/5
Difficulty: 4/5
Suggested Ages: Minimum age 15+.

Please note: religious and occult theming is used and may not be suitable for all players.

This room may contain jump scares and/or a live actor.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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Escaping With Kids

It’s holiday time, and for many, that means finding somewhere to take younger family members that isn’t just another screen. An Escape Room ticks all the major boxes: using your brain, being a fun adventure, getting bodies moving, teambuilding through shared experience, and most importantly – air-conditioning.

I’ve drawn up a list of things to look out for when taking younger family to an Escape Room, and what good things you can get out of it for them. Firstly:
Which room to choose?
-Check the Room details:
—What is the recommended age?
—Is it a theme that will appeal?
—Start with the easier difficulty ratings
-Rules: take advantage of someone else being the bad cop to make sure the kids play nice with other peoples’ stuff.
-Communication: Together Each Achieves More! Encourage them to think out loud.
-Encouragement: Remind them to communicate nicely to each other, showing patience and positivity to build confidence.
-Toilet Time! Always make sure before your team starts!

Playing Styles
Strategy 101 is that no plan goes beyond the first action, but it helps to try and know what to try and do.
-Are the kids quite young? Give them explore and find duty, recognising locations and types of locks, giving time checks.
-A bit older? Give them opportunity to try things, use them as an avatar to test your ideas through subtle hinting. Make sure everyone gets a go at opening locks.
-Teenagers? Let the kids call the shots and give them space to try out their own ideas, but work on the puzzles with them to assist.
-Any- Be okay with the fact that you booked this room, and you’re going to solve whatever you want. Keep up children, but stay out of my way!

What Can You Do?
-Make everyone feel included as a team!
-Support testing out ideas, even if they end up being wrong.
-Meet every question of “Why?” with “Why do you think?”, encouraging critical and logical thinking. And it buys you time to figure out the puzzle too…
-Know the psychology of your younger teammates- recognise that they think and process reactions differently.
-If one kid is just not being helpful, set them a ‘special puzzle task’ of looking for secret/imaginary words or keys. If they find something helpful – great!
-Be a good example of asking for help when stuck.
-Understand that it is easier to lure cats than herd cats (find a positive “come and look at this” rather than a negative “stop doing that over there”)

After Your Escape
Hopefully your GamesMaster has offered to give you a debrief (quick run through of the game), but you may just want to go and get food or return home. It’s still a good idea to:
-Talk about everyone’s favourite puzzle/part and why, emphasizing where each one did well and had a moment to be the hero.
-Talk about everyone’s least favourite puzzle/part and why, as this can teach self-reflection – what can they do better in the future?
-Highlight how well the team communicated (embellish if it was only a small amount).

Hopefully this helps with your junior teammates, and a new generation of Escapers will be unleashed!
See you next edition!

Acrostics and Indexing

Hello escapers! This edition is going to focus on hiding messages in plain (and not so plain) sight!

Basic, Easy, Tiny Acrostics

Here is the most basic acrostic to hide a code in:

That’s our acrostic, reading straight down, just the first letter of each word.
You could also have a telestitch, which is the last letter of each word:

Whack your code in the middle of your words, and you have created a mesostich:

Step this up a level in difficulty and make your message from the first AND last letter of your words for a double acrostic:

Be on the look out in Escape Rooms for weirdly assembled lists and check them for patterns.

Making Extra Details In Ulterior Motives

Indexing moves along the same lines as our basic acrostics above, but puts in some numbers to help chase down our desired letters. If we bring back our first acrostic, indexing shows us which number letter we need to focus on:

Pretty straight forward on that one. Let’s move it along. Time for some shopping. Or sports?

Give Extra Twists Writing Really Inventive Text In Nifty Groups

To help everyone searching Escape Rooms, extra attention looks like your activities require effectively designed ideas from fantastic inventors, creating ultimately likeable teasers.

Advanced Level, Pretty Hard Acrostics

We can even hide our indexing numbers by showing multiple instances of the word we want. The number of times it appears can be the index number. Have a go at this one:

Codebreaking Relentlessly Actually Zaps You

Okay, gloves are off for this one. It’s a two-in one. Let us know your answer!

Calling help? Every coder knows the only possible plan is called try unconventional random efforts.